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Pressurised Dry Ice Cleaning

Precision Iceblast Corporation is the most experienced dry ice blasting contracting company with an impressive list of clientele scattered all around the world. They have been contracted to perform ice blasting projects in most industries such as power generation, waste to energy, food, printing, paper, tape, automotive, marine, military, restoration, manufacturing, etc. They manufacture their own equipment that uses high velocity streams of dry ice to clean, strip, or to prepare surfaces. This revolutionary technology is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method to clean almost any surface.

What is Ice Blasting

The new technology of CO2 blasting is the modern alternative to chemical cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting, steam cleaning, manual scrubbing, scraping, and hand tooling, and is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today. Dry ice cleaning is typically much faster than these other methods so we save our customers a lot of time. Because of the reduced time frame, reduced labor costs, and reduced cost of material disposal, we also save our customers a lot of money.
The dry ice cleaning process requires a liquid CO2 supply, a pelletizer, a blasting unit, a 750/250 compressor and a dryer system. Our
dry ice blasting equipment is completely portable and fully self-contained. This allows us to access almost any area without using any of your utilities. Our people are certified in confined space and knowledgeable in lead abatement and working at elevations. We are also experts in containment, which allows us to blast near production areas, as well as being ideal for environmental site cleaning. Our employees undergo extensive safety training and our company holds an impeccable safety record. Precision Iceblast has over a decade of experience and we have never recorded a serious accident.

Precision Iceblast Corporation is not only the leader in the ice blasting industry, but we have been pioneering the industry as well. For example, when our customers request a profile or have an SSPC requirement that mandates a profile, we simply add sponge media to the dry ice. This mixture is our own concoction that allows us to create a profile with the sponge and simultaneously provide a superior clean to the profiled surface with the dry ice. Over the years Precision Iceblast Corporation has cleaned and prepared surfaces for painting in almost every industry imaginable. We have reached out to different industries and have completed applications never intended for dry ice blasting. Our company works on ships, bridges, tanks,
HRSG systems, buildings, walls, ceilings, etc. We have performed work for the United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, and Department of Transportation - just to name a few.

Unique Service

Our ice blasting system is the most aggressive system in the country. We use high-density pellets which is substantially more aggressive than shaved block ice. We also blast at 300 psi which ensures that all necessary materials are removed from the surface and further paint failure will not occur underneath the new coating. This very high-pressure is essential in providing adequate surface preparation. Our equipment is highly specialized and modified to achieve and sustain these high-pressures.
Because so
much of our work is surface preparation, we provide our customers a complete package by offering them our painting services as well. Precision Iceblast Corporation is very experienced in applying coatings. We have applied coatings on ships, walls, ceilings, tanks, structural steel, equipment, etc. However, some of our customers have in-house painters or long term relationships with painting contractors so our company will perform surface preparation regardless of whether we paint or not.



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