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Cold Casing Duct Retrofit


Braden Manufacturing, a Global Power company, has established itself as the most experienced and trusted name in the design of auxiliary systems. Braden designs and manufactures a number of cold casing duct retrofit modules, including: inlet ductwork, silencers, diverter dampers, exhaust systems, exhaust plenums and diffusers. Through our relationship with Braden, Intech is able to provide customers with a complete turnkey solution that includes initial inspection, surveying, design co-ordination, project management and installation.

  • Exhaust Duct Work
  • Silencing
  • Inlet Duct Work
  • Diverter Dampers
  • Bypass Stacks


Braden can design a single retrofit system, or build an entire GT plant from scratch with specialized construction knowledge base that minimizes erection time and costs, the plant being able to achieve peak power performance as quick as possible

Braden has developed new retrofit designs that will drastically reduce external heat transfer, making the Plenum/Wing/Cowl/Expansion Joint area safer, more efficient and easier to operate and maintain. These retrofit designs can be applied to plenums of all sizes. A typical retrofit unit can be installed in one to two weeks during a scheduled maintenance outage, with the diffuser and turbine shaft in place


Diverter Dampers

Braden has designed and manufactured diverter isolators since 1985 for combined-cycle gas turbine power plants, where extreme and sudden thermal changes necessitate thorough design foresight and for desulfurization (FGD) applications with several unique and patented features for improved flow distribution

  • Flexible Iconel seal elements
  • Toggle or pivot drive system operation

  • Therma stress-free blade design and internal casing insulation

  • Hydraulic power units with HRSG protection mode


Braden is a major supplier of gas turbine exhaust stacks and diffusers for turbine original equipment manufacturers including simple-cycle stacks, bypass stacks with diverters with high temperature designs

Cold Casing Liner Desing

Braden Cold Casing Duct Design is performed using the most modern software kits to provide compliant designs. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3-D Solid Modeling, and Thermal, Buckling and Vibration Frequency Analysis are applied to guarantee superior pressure drop, distribution and velocities


Internal Liner Retorfits

When there is damaged liners or missing insullation, broken studs/supports INTECH together with Braden are offering retrofits and upgrades as well as repacking with bagged/encapsulated insulation bolsters





Download Braden Duct Retrofits Brochure




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