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Inflatable Barriers


Duct Balloon manufacture inflatable barriers which can be inserted through most existing access doors. When inflated the duct balloon will provide a much better solution than traditional wooden frame/scaffold and plastic sheeting.

The duct balloons can be used in many applications including sealing, isolating, preserving, protection and working platforms. Specially designed balloons can be used as temporary platforms in confined spaces.

Each duct balloon is supplied with a high volume 110V blower fan which runs continuously and enables the duct balloon to expand to fill the ductwork cross-sectional area and create a tight seal. The duct balloons are designed to expand larger than the actual ductwork size, this enables the balloon to expand around the perimeter edges and also helps to hold the duct balloon in position.

Duct balloons can be inflated and deflated in minutes making them a low-hassle, easy to use solution for short term or long term isolation/storage. All duct balloons are manufactured to suit the exact requirements of the customer and can be customised with sealable access doorways, service ports etc.
Duct balloons are designed to be reused time after time and are available in two materials, a conventional durable and wear resistant material ‘420 Denier’ which has a maximum operating temperature of 100°C and a ‘silicon-coated fiberglass fabric’ which has a maximum operating temperature of 260°C. Both fabrics are acid and mildew resistant.

Typical Applications



Duct Balloons have been used in many different applications since their original concept in the late 1990’s. Below are some of the known applications with a brief explanation that our customers have shared with us. Duct balloons used in these applications have proven to be very effective compared to other types of home made temporary barriers.

  • Isolating duct work during maintenance of ID fans
  • Isolating duct work during the installation of  bag houses
  • Controlling fugitive dust during precipitator or ID fan grit blasting
  • Auxiliary sealing of isolation dampers in SCR systems
  • Auxiliary sealing of isolation dampers in FGD systems
  • Isolate inlet duct work on Gas Turbines and HRSG exhaust stacks
  • Isolate equipment from over spray during high pressure water washing
  • Temporarily sealing of cyclone bottoms and hoppers during outages
  • Isolating duct work during water washing at a food plant
  • Auxiliary sealing of primary air duct dampers during pulveriser maintenance
  • Inflatable bulkheads during fiberglass relining of large service water lines
  • Used during a smoke test to detect leaks during the final construction stages
  • In the fan discharge duct work of an axial flow fan 


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