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Oil Purification System


ISOPur Fluid Technologies designs and manufactures advanced purification systems for hydraulic and lubricating oil. Through its patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration™ (BCA) technology, ISOPur is able to achieve a level of fluid purity unattainable by conventional filtration or centrifugal systems. ISOPur not only continuously purifies oil to a better than new condition, BCA actively removes sticky sludge and varnish deposits from the internals of valves, bearings and shafts, enabling the equipment to operate more efficiently and reliably. BCA restores a balanced charge in the fluid, blocking particle attraction and eliminating the fundamental cause of sludge and varnish formation. ISOPur can provide a dramatic return on investment by improving plant uptime, reducing maintenance costs, extending the life of expensive capital equipment, and reducing fluid consumption and waste disposal.

ISOPur’s patented BCA technology works by passing contaminated fluid over a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positive and negative, until the net charge is balanced. As charged particles mix, they attract and grow in size, making for easy removal with filter cartridges. BCA is a revolutionary technology within the purification industry because of its effectiveness on sub-micron particles that would otherwise pass freely through premium filters. BCA accomplishes this level of ultra-fine purification while maintaining fluid quality and water content without affecting additives.



The BCA Process

There is a long term proven results on  GE frame turbines. ISOPur BCA systems currently purify 23 billion gallons of oil per year.

Don't delay in getting help today to protect your lube or hydraulic system from  from mechanical wear, submicron particles, varnish and oxidation!



Flash Animation - The process



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