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Casing Hotspot Repair
The Unifrax Isofrax product is a high-grade soluble-fibre insulation material which is supplied as a paste-like material which can be pumped into cavities to repair hotspots. Intech provide a complete turn-key solution including initial thermographic survey & report, supply of material and injection of the pumpable insulation both on-line and off-line whilst simultaneously monitoring with a thermographic camera.
Cold Casing Duct Retrofit
Braden design and manufacture a number of cold casing duct retrofit modules including inlet ductwork, silencers, diverter dampers, exhaust systems, exhaust plenums and diffusers. Intech are able to provide customers with a complete turnkey solution including initial inspection, surveying, design co-ordination, project management and installation.
Compressor Cleaning Fluids
ZOK manufactures and distributes turbine compressor cleaning solutions for all gas turbine compressors. ZOK products are bio-degradable meeting the demanding requirements for aquatic toxicity. Cleaning with ZOK improves gas turbine efficiency and extends the time between major overhauls. All ZOK products contain a unique corrosion inhibitor which helps protect the gas turbine.
Expansion Joint Technology
DEKOMTE is a world leader in expansion joint technology, providing technical support, inspections and through life maintenance of all types of pipe and duct expansion joints. DEKOMTE manufactures fabric, stainless and metal bellows, flexible hoses, rubber and PTFE expansion joints which compensate for changes in length due to changes in temperature/pressure/vibration in ductwork. Axial, lateral or angular movements can be handled, even in arduous high corrosive or high dust burden environments. DEKOMTE was founded in Germany in 1978 and has since gained a world-wide reputation for ingenuity of design and for the quality of its products.
Gas Conditioning Solutions
Part of the SAMAPI SA Group since 1995, Enerproject is a world-renowned compressor packager for gas turbines, gas processing and gas recovery systems with 20 YEARS of experience in traditional Swiss precision, providing the latest engineering solutions at outstanding quality.

Together with gas metering and filtration stations for clean and dry gas, the compressors are used on a wide range of fields: gas gathering, gas boosting, associated gas recovery, industrial refrigeration

GT Rotor Preservation
Intech Power Service Ltd offer critical component storage and protection covers which are custom-designed to meet the exact requirements of the customer. The protective covers are manufactured from a highly durable thermoplastic material which can be fitted with quick-access zips facilitating ease of closing and opening. The covers are designed to be reusable and can be supplied with a storage container.
High Purity Hydrogen  Generation
Proton PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane Technology) HOGEN on-demand hydrogen generators are a safe and cost effective approach to providing high purity hydrogen at 99.9998% for industrial applications. With more than 1200 systems installed in 56 countries, HOGEN hydrogen generators are creating value worldwide. Whilst offering customers rapid payback, the HOGEN units also dramatically improve plant safety by minimising storage and handling.
ACC Team Cleaning Solutions

To restore and maintain full performance of your heat exchangers, ACC Team  offers customized solutions not only decreasing your costs and increasing your gain but – in addition to that - also protecting the environment. This is because the cleaning systems of ACC Team, clean mechanically by means of pure water and high pressure, without using any additives.


Inflatable Barriers, Working Platforms & Structures

Portable, lightweight, inflatable duct balloons can be inserted into large ductwork through existing man-ways and inflated in just minutes to create a bulkhead wall which is much more effective than traditional wooden frame/scaffolding and plastic sheeting solution. The duct balloons are manufactured from a durable vinyl material rated up to 250°C. Duct balloons are designed to be used outage after outage.

Duct balloon structures can be inflated in just minutes to create an additional workspace or storage area. Manufactured from a durable yet lightweight vinyl material, which is acid and mildew resistant, the inflatable structures can resist the rigors of a workshop environment, and can be used repeatedly. The structures are custom-designed to suit the exact requirements of the customer.

On Demand Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation
On-Site Gas Systems proven Nitrogen PSA technology offers customers rapid returns on investment and stable year-to-year gas costs. Offering Nitrogen purities of 95-99.9995% and generating volumes in excess of 990 m³/hr, these units provide unsurpassed levels of performance. Low operating pressures increases system safety, and eliminates the need for hazardous storage.
Oil Purification with Varnish Elimination

ISOPur oil purification systems use patented Balance Charge Agglomeration (BCA) technology to purify hydraulic and lubricating oils at the sub-micron level. Filtration/Purification at this level maximises oil life, maintains the oil in pristine condition and prevents / eliminates the accumulation of sludge and varnish. Intech Power Service offers a complete installation and maintenance plan for ISOPur products

On-Line Filter Cleaning

INTECH has closed a partnership agreement with F.O.S. Umwelt- und Filtertechnik Deutschland GmbH which offers more than 20 years of experience as a system supplier in the field of de-dusting technology. The cleaning method for vertically installed filter tubes and filter cartridges results in an efficient, thorough and secure removal of dust on the surface and in the depth of the filter media. This procedure is possible without stopping the pro­duction process.

Paint Protective Coatings
Chemco’s glassflake-based coatings provide outstanding protection from the most hazardous environments. They can be used to restore corroded plant, ductwork and equipment to "as new" condition and provide a cost-effective, lifetime solution. This advanced coating is solvent free, wet and rust tolerant. Intech offer a complete turnkey solution including evaluation, supply and application of the products.
Pressurised Dry Ice Cleaning
Unique cleaning methods patented by Precision Ice blast allow far superior coverage over conventional cleaning methods.They are providing a tunkey solution, for customers all over the world, where there is the need for cleaning HRSG Tubes, SCR & CO Catalysts, Stacks, Turbine Oil Reservoir Tanks, Air Filtration Systems, Generators, Rotors/Stators, Compressor Blades, Steam Turbine Blades.By decreasing back pressure, increasing heat transfer, and increasing output the improved efficiency of the boiler will allow the plant to use less fuel to produce power.
Special Fabrication

INTECH GT Smith Engineering Ltd provides special fabricated products, and is committed to providing the highest standard of quality in terms of the products we manufacture and the services we provide to our customers. Our philosophy is one of building strong technically-sound partnership with our customers, enabling us to fully understand our customers' requirements and offer the highest standard of technical advice and support.



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