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Cleaning Solutions for Heat Exchangers

The deterioration of heat exchangers by fouling (i.e. external deposits of fin tubes of an air cooled heat exchanger by pollen flight, insects, dust, etc.) is an enormous problem worldwide affecting many power plants.

To restore and maintain full performance of your heat exchangers, INTECH Power Service and it's partners offer customized solutions not only decreasing your costs and increasing your gain but – in addition to that - also protecting the environment.

A small amount of external fouling will have a significant effect on performance. Typically, on a vacuum air cooled steam condenser, a 20% reduction in air flow will increase the turbine back pressure by 33%. As a result, even at lower ambient temperatures, the air cooled system will not achieve the design vacuum. Fouling on air coolers result in a higher static pressure and possible stalling of the fan. Often the operator uses supplementary cooling by pouring water over the finned tubes. This water, if not completely clean like demin water, will create a lime stone layer on the fines, which is extremely difficult to remove. This water pouring will also create damage on motors and drives at lower levels. The solution is very simple, the finned tubes must be cleaned at regular intervals. It is our experience that in almost all cases the return on investment is calculated in weeks rather than months! The performance data given in the chart below show a 25% increase in performance following cleaning and minor repairs that was recently experienced by one of our clients.

The ACC Team is a leading independent engineering company for Air Cooled equipment and Air Cooled Condensers.

Complete services: 

  • Complete diagnostic-surveys to advice on performance improvement 
  • Design matters regarding noise on air coolers and air cooled condensers, 
  • Thermal design of cooling systems and performance calculations, 
  • De-bottlenecking of air cooled systems, 
  • Complete maintenance including cleaning services, fan tuning etc.. 
  • Design and sales of state of the art cleaning systems


Powerfull water beams penetrating through bundles.

The tube row arrangement determines the correct spraying angle. 

The water must penetrate through the complete bundle avoiding the base-tubes. 

The razor blade flat water beam cuts the fouling from the finned surface.


The impact from the water sparyed with 60 to 100bar removes all the fouling. The Graph shows a the product form 62⁰C to 45⁰C.

Maximum efficiency:

  • Improved system availability
  • Increased life-time
  • Optimized output
  • No scaffolding and no plant shutdown
  • Lower expenses
  • More gain
  • Performance improvement
  • Cleaning equipment and services
  • Noise reduction

Cleaning with our systems you will benefit of an improved process by using: 

  • Dual Flat Beam – Having beams near to each other reduces the air resistance leaving more water power for cleaning and penetration.
  • Vibro pulls water beams vibrate the fouling from the finned surface.
  • Fully automated Cleaning Rigs either powered by air or an electrical motor


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